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On this page you’ll find information about the Shopify free trial — a set of frequently asked questions on it, resources to help you learn more about Shopify and a video review of the platform.*

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial on the Shopify website.

Shopify free trial FAQs

How do I sign up for a Shopify free trial?

You can sign up for a Shopify free trial on the Shopify website.

How long does a Shopify free trial last?

A Shopify free trial lasts 14 days.

Do I need to submit my credit card details to start my trial?

No, you don’t need to submit your credit card details to start your trial. You will need to submit your email address, however, and consent to receiving marketing information from Shopify.

Can I extend a Shopify free trial?

So long as you have a good reason for requesting an extension to your trial, Shopify will usually grant it. You will need to contact Shopify’s support team with your store URL (, stating the reason why you want to extend your trial.

What happens if I subscribe to a Shopify paid-for plan while I’m still on a free trial?

If you take out a paid Shopify subscription whilst you’re on a free trial, you won’t lose any of your trial — charges won’t commence until your trial is over.

How do I cancel my Shopify trial?

If you don’t subscribe to a paid-for Shopify plan during your trial, then your account will simply be frozen at the end of the free trial. You won’t be charged anything.

How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify fees vary from $9 to $299 per month, depending on the plan you choose. You can learn more about these fees and the differences between plans in our guide to Shopify pricing.

Do other e-commerce platforms offer free trials?

Most of Shopify’s competitors offer similar trials. You can learn more about alternative online store platforms in the e-commerce platform reviews section of our website.

Useful resources about Shopify

Style Factory is an offical Shopify partner. We produce a lot of content to help potential Shopify users decide if it’s the right platform for them — and resources to support existing ones. Below you’ll find a list of our most useful content.

  • Shopify review — an in-depth, impartial look at the platform that outlines all its pros and cons.
  • Shopify vs Squarespace — how Shopify stacks up against another leading online store builder, Squarespace.
  • Shopify vs Amazon — the differences between using Shopify (a hosted solution) and Amazon (a huge online marketplace) to sell goods online.
  • Shopify vs Wix — how Shopify compares to one of the world’s most popular website builders, Wix.
  • Shopify SEO — a guide to optimizing a Shopify store for search engines.

Video overview

Full Shopify review | Free trial

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