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Chris Singleton
Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton, Director

Chris Singleton is the Founder and Director of Style Factory.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, he is now London-based.

Since graduating from Trinity College Dublin in 1999, Chris has advised many businesses and not-for-profit organisations on how to grow their operations via a strong online presence, and now he shares his experience and expertise through his articles on the Style Factory website.

Organisations he has worked on digital projects with include Cancer Research UK, Hackney Council, Data Ireland, Prescription PR and many more.

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Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh, Lead Researcher and Content Creator

Matt Walsh conducts research for and contributes articles to the Style Factory blog. He also creates video content for the site and the Style Factory YouTube channel.

Having graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Literature and Philosophy, Matt worked in the marketing world for many years before switching careers to teach languages, literature, and creative writing in London.

Matt works as a copywriter for a range of websites and has a particular interest in luxury brands and personalized music.

Maelle Le Bras

Maelle Le Bras, Translator

Maelle Le Bras translates and edits our blog content on the Style Factory France website.

A translator for 4 years, Maëlle obtained her Master’s degree in Audiovisual Translation for the Institute of Translation in Seville and is specialized in the fields of marketing and medical translation.

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Stephen Middleditch

Stephen Middleditch, Contributor

Stephen Middleditch is a contributor to Style Factory, writing posts on the topic of cybersecurity.

Steve is a graduate of Bristol University and has enjoyed a three-decade career in technology, working in London, Chicago and Zurich for a variety of organisations in the financial sector.

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Hannah Marmion
Hannah Marmion

Hannah Marmion, Client Content Manager

Hannah Marmion is our Client Content Manager, overseeing e-mail communications and website updates for a variety of external companies whose digital marketing we oversee.

Hannah graduated from Nottingham Trent University and has worked in marketing and communications for over a decade. She has held various communications roles within organisations across both the education and charity sectors, and in the NHS.

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