About Style Factory

Style Factory have always blown me away with everything they have done. Our website’s SEO ranking is now fantastic, the revenue from online booking enquiries has taken a huge upswing since we brought them onboard and our site has never been more relevant to what we are doing within the company.
— Mike O'Flynn, Marketing Manager, The Snug Bar (UK pub chain)

What we do

Style Factory is a company which helps other companies grow. 

We do this in three ways.

We review

First, we provide a wide range of reviews and comparisons of essential tools for running a business. Whether you're thinking of using an e-commerce product like Shopify, a CRM tool like Capsule or a productivity suite like Office or G Suite, you can get a full list of the pros and cons of each from Style Factory's impartial app reviews.

Our reviews are extremely popular, now attracting over 50,000 readers a month.

We advise

Second, we provide free key tips for running a successful business online, covering everything from how to create an email newsletter to making your website more visible in search results. You can access these in our 'advice' section, or by subscribing to our latest tips via email.

We deliver

And finally, we provide essential digital marketing and web design services. We can assist you with

And if we can't help you with your project, we'll do our best to find you a reliable and cost-effective alternative who can.

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Style Factory is based in Hackney, London and provides services globally. You'll find our contact details here.