How to Connect Wix and Printful

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How to add Printful to Wix (image of the Printful and Wix logos, side by side).

In this post, I’m going to show you how to connect Wix and Printful. Read on to learn how to set up an account with both platforms and how to add your customized Printful print-on-demand products to your Wix online store.

1. Set up a Wix account

Note: If you already have a Wix account, you can go straight to step 2, ‘Add Wix Stores to your Wix website.’

To sell your Printful products on Wix, the first thing you need to so is get a Wix account.

But if you’re just dipping your toes into ‘print-on-demand’ (POD) selling and you’re not sure if Wix is the right solution for you, it’s advisable to try the platform out for 14 days before you commit to a monthly or yearly subscription.

Here’s how you do this:

  1. Sign up for the free Wix plan.
  2. When you’re ready to try selling Printful products, upgrade to a paid-for Wix plan.
  3. Cancel your plan within 14 days (or, of course, just carry on if you’re happy selling your Printful products with Wix).
The Wix free plan sign-up page.
The Wix free plan sign-up page

A quick note that if you decide that Wix is the right fit, make sure you upgrade to a Wix plan that facilitates ecommerce (not all of them do).

(You can find out more about Wix plans in our Wix Pricing guide).

With your Wix account set up, the next step is to…

2. Add ‘Wix Stores’ to your Wix website

Note: if you’ve already added Wix Stores to your Wix website, or are using a Wix ecommerce template, you can skip to step 3, ‘Create your Printful account.’

When you set up a site in Wix, you can choose to let Wix create a site for you by using its automatic ‘Wix ADI’ site builder — or alternatively, you can design a site yourself by choosing from a range of over 830 designer-made website templates.

Choosing between an ADI site or using a template
Wix gives you several options for creating your site design

Now, if you choose the ‘automatic’ approach, it’s important to specify during the set up process that you want to create an online store with your Wix website. Doing so means that the system will automatically include Wix’s ecommerce functionality in your Wix account.

Setting up an online store with Wix's automatic 'ADI' website builder.
Setting up an online store with Wix’s automatic ‘ADI’ website builder

If you decide to edit one of Wix’s ready-made templates instead, it’s best to choose one from the ‘Online Store’ range (there are roughly 130 available). These already include ‘Wix Stores’ as a built-in feature.

However, if you opt for one of the other (non-ecommerce) templates, you may need to add the ‘Wix Stores’ app to your account before you can start populating your site with your Printful products.

You’ll know whether or not Wix Stores is installed on your account by checking the left-hand menu in your Wix dashboard — if Wix Stores is pre-installed, you’ll see a ‘Store Products’ section and other ecommerce settings in the menu (see screenshot below).

The Wix dashboard menu featuring several tabs for ecommerce settings.
The Wix dashboard menu featuring several tabs for ecommerce settings

If you don’t see this ecommerce section in your menu, you’ll need to add the Wix Stores app to your account.

To do this, click on ‘Apps’ at the bottom of the Wix menu. This will open up Wix’s App Market, where you simply enter ‘Wix Stores’ into the search box and then click on ‘Add to Site’. This installs Wix Stores on your account dashboard.

Adding the Wix Stores app.
Adding the Wix Stores app

You’re not done yet! There is one more quick (but important!) step to take here.

Although you’ve just added Wix Stores to your main Wix account dashboard, you also need to add it to your Wix site editor (the interface for designing and styling your site).

To do this, click the ‘Design Site’ button at the top of the Wix dashboard.

The 'Design Site' button
The ‘Design Site’ button

Then, click on the ‘Add Apps’ icon on the left menu of the Wix designer. Enter ‘Wix Stores’ into the search box and add the Wix Stores app with the ‘Add to Site’ button.

Adding the Wix Stores app to the Wix Editor.
Adding the Wix Stores app to the Wix Editor

You are now fully set up with Wix Stores — so it’s now time to create a Printful account.

3. Create your Printful account

To create a Printful account, just go to the Printful home page and click on the red ‘Get started’ button. Signup is free.

The Printful home page
Printful home page

This takes you to the Printful sign up page, where you’ll get the option to sign up with your:

  • Facebook account
  • Google account
  • Apple account
  • email account.
Printful’s sign up page
Printful’s sign up page

Once you’ve signed up via your preferred method, Printful then asks you a few onboarding questions about your business and goals. When you’ve answered them, just click the ‘Finish’ button to access your new Printful account.

Some onboarding questions.
Printful’s onboarding questions about your ecommerce business

You’ll now see your Printful dashboard (pictured below), from where you’ll be able to manage key tasks like product design, order tracking, shipping and promotion management.

Printful dashboard
The Printful dashboard lets you create customized products for your print-on-demand business, set your shipping fees, edit your retail price for items etc.

Once you’ve got your Printful account up and running, it’s time to add it to your Wix store.

We’ll take a look at that next.

4. Connect Printful to your Wix store

To connect Printful to your Wix store, go to the Wix App Market from either your Wix Dashboard or within the Wix Editor.

Locate the Printful app via the search box. Click on the app, and when it opens, click ‘Add to Site.’

Wix will ask you to confirm the connection between your Wix and Printful accounts, which you can do by clicking on the blue ‘Agree & Add’ button.

Confirming the connection between your Wix and Printful accounts.
Confirming the connection between your Wix and Printful accounts

Doing this will take you to your Printful account, where you just need to confirm the connection on the Printful side by clicking on the red ‘Connect store’ button.

Confirming your Wix connection in Printful,
Confirming your Wix connection in Printful

With that done, you’ve successfully connected Printful with your Wix store!

You’ll now be able to create custom products in Printful and add them to your Wix storefront.

So how do you get your custom print designs from Printful into Wix?

5. Add your Printful products to Wix

To add a Printful product to sell in your Wix store, you’ll obviously need to create a product in Printful first.

To do this, click on the ‘Add product’ button in your Printful dashboard.

The 'Add product' option.

This takes you directly to Printful’s product catalog, which contains over 330 different printable products in several categories (these include ‘Men’s clothing,’ ‘Women’s clothing,’ ‘Hats,’ Home & living,’ ‘Eco-friendly products’ and more).

Printful's product catalog.
Printful’s product catalog

Find a Printful item you’d like to customize as a product for your Wix store (you can use the search box or product filters provided to do this), and when you’ve made your choice, click on it to start the customization process.

Doing so will take you to Printful’s product designer tool — you can use this to define the print process for your chosen product (‘direct to garment’, embroidery’, ‘all-over print’, etc), use stock graphics and photos in your design, upload your own artwork files, and apply a wide range of text effects (outlines, shadows, curved text, etc.).

Using the Printful designer to create a custom product
Using the Printful designer to create a custom product

When you’re satisfied with how your product looks, Printful guides you through the key steps to complete a product listing before you add it to your Wix store.

These steps involve:

  • adding mock ups to your product
  • adding a product description
  • setting prices.

Once you’ve completed the pricing step, you’ll be able to add the product to your Wix storefront. To do this, click on the ‘Submit to store’ button at the bottom of the Product designer. Doing so instantly adds your product — including images, product description and pricing — to your Wix store.

Submit-to store button.
Clicking on the ‘Submit to store’ button in Printful adds your custom Printful product to your Wix storefront

To check that your product has been correctly added, click on the ‘Stores’ menu item in your Printful dashboard, and then click on ‘View store’ next to your Wix store details.

Accessing your Wix store in the Printful dashboard.
Accessing your Wix store in the Printful dashboard

The product you just added to Wix will now appear under the ‘Synced’ tab in your Wix details in Printful.

A newly-added Wix product in the Printful back end.
A newly-added Wix product in the Printful back end

Now, with some other Printful integrations (such as the Shopify one), you get the option to view your connected store via a link in this section of the Printful dashboard. However, this isn’t the case when you add Printful products to Wix.

Instead, you can verify that your new product has been added to Wix by accessing your Wix account in another browser window.

Product listings in the Wix back end.
Product listings in Wix

Once in Wix, click on ‘Store Products’ in the Wix menu — if everything’s been set up correctly, you should see your newly-added product at the top of the product list (as per the screenshot above).

And that’s it! You’ have’ve now successfully added your first Printful product to your Wix store.

A couple of things to be aware of…

Before you can start selling on your Wix store, you’ll need to set up a payment method on your store. Depending on your region, you can choose from over 100 different payment providers, including Wix’s in-house ‘Wix Payments’ option.

You’ll also need to configure your shipping settings in Wix. These need to be set to match Printful’s ‘flat’ shipping rates. This can be done by adjusting Wix’s ‘rate by weight’ shipping settings.

Lastly, it’s important to set up your ‘Printful Wallet’ in advance of launching your Wix store. By ensuring there are funds in this wallet to cover Printful fulfillment charges, you’ll be able to avoid having to manually approve and pay for each order as it comes through from your Wix store.

Check out the video below for more information on adding funds to your Printful Wallet.

6. Promote your print on demand store

Now that you’ve got your Printful / Wix connection up and running, there’s lots more you can do to make the most of your new print-on-demand store!

Here are a few ideas on how to build out and promote your print on demand store.

  • Create more Printful products and add them to your Wix store. Make sure you create a reasonably large number of high-quality products in Printful and add them all to your Wix store. If you’re stuck for ideas, read the ‘How to Choose Print-on-Demand Products for Your Store‘ blog post.
  • Engage in content marketing — make use of Wix’s built-in blogging tool to attract people to your POD products. By regularly posting engaging blog articles that focus on topics in your POD selling niche, you can significantly improve your search rankings and increase organic traffic to your store. Check out our guide on how to increase blog traffic to learn how to perform content marketing effectively for your online business.
  • Use email marketing. You can use Wix’s built-in email marketing tools to promote your Printful products, highlight new designs and provide special offers to your subscribers. To learn how to build up subscriber numbers, check out our guide on how to grow an email list.
  • Perform search engine optimization (SEO) on your Wix store — create and configure content in a way that encourages Google and other search engines to rank it highly in organic search results. Wix comes with quite a few built-in SEO tools, including an SEO dashboard and a Semrush integration. (You might also find our guide to getting free SEO resources helpful).
  • Add additional apps from the Wix App Market to improve your analytics and marketings. Useful apps include the Visitor Analytics app (for tracking site visitors) and the Wix Forms app (for collecting customer email addresses).

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