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Canva vs Photoshop — which is better for your project? In this video I’m going to give you five reasons to use Canva for your design projects, and five reasons why Photoshop might be the better choice.

Let’s dive in with the reasons to use Canva.

One — Canva is easier to use

Canva is designed to be easy to use for non-designers. So long as you have basic computer skills, it’s really easy to get going with it.

Photoshop, by contrast, is a complex tool that comes with a much steeper learning curve.

Two — Canva gives you millions of stock images, videos and audio files

A Canva subscription gives you access to a huge range of multimedia items — videos, images and audio that you can drop easily into your designs.

With Photoshop, you’ll need to source media for your designs elsewhere, and this can involve extra costs.
Three — no software installation is required.

Unlike Photoshop, Canva runs in a web browser and you don’t need to install any software to use it. This means you can use it easily on any device.

By contrast, Photoshop requires a full installation on a desktop or laptop computer, and its licensing system restricts you to using it on specific machines.

Four — Canva is significantly cheaper than Photoshop and can even be used for free

A Canva subscription costs much less than a Photoshop subscription, especially when multiple team members are involved.

What’s more, an entirely free and highly functional version of Canva is available — check out the link in the video description for access to this.

Five — Canva lets you make more stuff

Photoshop is ideal for photo editing and creating digital art — but Canva is more flexible when it comes to the sort of things you can create with it.

With Canva, you can create presentations, websites, charts, documents, AI generated art and more — and share them really easily with others. A built-in print on demand service lets you print your creations too.

Photoshop isn’t great for doing any of that.

OK, so those are 5 key reasons why you might want to use Canva over Photoshop.

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Right, so how does Photoshop beat Canva?

One — it’s a much more powerful tool for photo manipulation and enhancement

Photoshop is a much more powerful tool than Canva for editing images. It’s a high-end professional tool that comes with a host of features that let you manipulate images in all sorts of ways that are simply not possible in Canva. For professional photographers, Photoshop is usually a must-have tool.

Two — it gives you a much wider range of export options

While Canva limits you to just a few output options, the sky’s the limit with Photoshop — you have complete control over how you want to export your files. This means that your work can be used in more contexts or enhanced by other graphic designers much more easily.

Three — it integrates with more apps and plugins than Canva.

While the range of add-ons for Canva is pretty limited, Photoshop integrates with a huge range of apps and plugins and gives you a much wider range of creative possibilities.

Four — a much wider range of typefaces is available in Photoshop

If you like working with text, then you’ll love the huge range of typefaces that Photoshop gives you. Although the range of fonts available in Canva is pretty good, the number that Adobe Photoshop gives you is considerably larger and the fonts are better too.

Five — you get better support with Photoshop

Photoshop’s support offering is considerably stronger than Canva’s. It offers four customer support contact methods — phone, email, Twitter and live chat — while Canva only offers support via email.

And that’s it — five key reasons to use Canva, and five reasons why Photoshop might be the better option.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Canva vs Photoshop comparison, but there’s lots more to learn about both tools. Make sure you read our full comparison on the Style Factory website.

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