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Canva Pro vs Free — which version is best for your design project?

I’m Matt Walsh from Style Factory, the go-to site for digital marketing advice and app reviews.

And in this video, I’m going to highlight what we think are the most important differences between Canva Pro and the free version. I’ll also share a link to an exclusive 45-day trial of Canva Pro that you can use to help you make your own mind up on which version is right for you.

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Ok, so let’s kick things off by looking at the key features you get with Canva Free.

Canva Free is probably the most fully-featured free app we’ve encountered while testing software at Style Factory. It lets you create everything from presentations to videos to social media adverts, and it’s extremely easy to use.

With Canva Free, you get access to a lot of the core functionality of the paid-for product, along with 250,000 free templates; hundreds of thousands of free graphics and photos; 5GB of cloud storage; and the ability to share your designs with other Canva users.

But there are several important things you’ll miss out on too.

What are they?

One — a brand kit

On Canva Pro, you get a really useful ‘brand kit’ feature. This lets you define brand rules by uploading a logo, adding your brand color palettes and setting default brand fonts.

You can then apply your brand across all your designs extremely easily.

Two — larger multimedia libraries

While the free version of Canva is generous in terms of the royalty free images and graphic elements it provides, it nonetheless limits you to a much more basic library of images, videos and sounds than Canva Pro.

With Canva Pro, you can make use of a huge range of stock photos and graphics — over 100 million in total. You also get access to a much more extensive audio and video library too.

Specifically, Canva Pro gives you access to 25,000 audio tracks and over 6 million pre-licensed 4K and HD video clips.

Three — more templates

Although the Canva free plan gives you a lot of professionally-designed templates to work with (over 250,000) you get a lot more of them on the Canva Pro plan — over 610,000.

Not only does upgrading to Canva Pro significantly increase the quantity of templates available to you, you’ll also find that the quality of templates you’ll encounter is significantly higher too.

Four — the Magic Resize tool

A key feature of Canva Pro that you won’t find in the free version is the Magic Resize feature — this lets you repurpose existing designs for different platforms really easily.

You simply open an existing design, and then use Canva Pro’s Magic Resize tool to automatically reformat it to suit different platforms and purposes. You can then output these all in one go, which is a huge time-saver.

Five — the background removal tool

On the Canva Pro plan, you get access to a handy background removal tool. This works with both images and videos, and is particularly useful for creating headshots or thumbnails for YouTube videos.

Six — customizable templates

While the free version of Canva only lets you work with pre-designed Canva templates, in Canva Pro you can create fully-customizable templates.

This gives you the option to create reusable, fully on-brand templates that work better for your organization.

Seven — more storage

With Canva Free, you get 5GB of storage, which can be used to store your own assets (for example photos, videos and logos).

However, this can be used up quickly if you are working with large assets, particularly video and audio files.

‘Canva Pro,’ by contrast, gives you a much more generous 1TB storage limit.

Eight — better support

Both Canva Pro and Free technically give you access to 24/7 customer support.

However, the turnaround times are quite different for ‘Canva Pro’ and ‘Canva Free’.

With the Pro plan, you can expect a reply to your query within 24 hours, but you may find yourself waiting up to 1 week for help queries if you’re using Canva Free.

Nine — more output formats

When it comes to getting your designs out of Canva, the free plan gives you rather limited output options.

It doesn’t let you adjust compression settings for your images, and you can’t download your designs as vector graphics or PNGs with transparent backgrounds.

So to get the full range of export formats, you’ll need to use Canva Pro.

So, which version is right for you?

Given that there is so much great functionality available in Canva Free, not everybody will need to upgrade.

But if you want to ensure brand consistency across designs, need access to a wide range of stock images and videos, and want as much flexibility as possible over export formats, then Canva Pro is definitely worth investigating.

And, for a limited time, Canva is offering an extended free trial for Canva Pro. This trial gives you 45 days’ access to the tool — it’s over two weeks longer than the regular trial. You’ll find a link to this extended trial in the video description.

And that’s it — our take on the key differences between Canva Free vs Canva Pro.

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