Mailchimp Introduces Single Opt-in Functionality

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A quick post to flag up something interesting that Mailchimp have introduced recently: single opt-in functionality.

Up until now, Mailchimp users have been forced – if using Mailchimp’s form builder – to use a double opt-in approach to data capture, where visitors to a website had to to fill in a form AND click on a link in a confirmation email before were added to a mailing list.

(There was a workaround – you could use an API or a third party app like Privy or Jotform to send data to a Mailchimp list on a single opt-in basis, but this wasn’t ideal for a lot of users).

Whilst the double opt-in approach undoubtedly leads to a cleaner list, it can also reduce the number of subscribers – including legitimate ones – that are added to it. This is why for many years, key competing products like Getresponse, Aweber and Campaign Monitor have always given their customers the option of capturing data using either a single opt-in or a double opt-in process.

The good news for Mailchimp users is that it has finally joined the single opt-in club, with the company automatically enabling single opt-in for their existing users’ lists outside the EU.

EU users can also switch on single opt-in, but their lists’ sign up settings have been left as double opt-in for now, chiefly because the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are just around the corner and Mailchimp believes that double opt-in is a more robust way of confirming the identity of your subscribers and establishing proof of sign up that the GDPR requires (you can find out more about the GDPR here).

But as far as I can ascertain – and please note that I’m not a lawyer – double opt-in is not going to be mandatory under the new GDPR regulations, and many EU businesses will find it useful to have a choice around single or double opt in.

This more flexible approach to opt-in processes is ultimately great news for Mailchimp customers, and you can read more about the new opt-in functionality here.

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