Semrush Coupon (August 2023) — How to Save on a Leading SEO Tool

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Image of a Semrush coupon

If you’re looking for a Semrush coupon, this is the resource for you. In it we share a link to a special extended trial of Semrush, and show you how to access a 17% discount on the platform.

There are two main ways to save on Semrush: the first involves using a coupon (of sorts!) and the second involves paying for your subscription in a certain way.

Let’s start with the coupon method.

Saving using the ‘Semrush coupon’ method

Strictly speaking, saving money on Semrush involves using a special link to activate an extended trial, rather than entering a discount code at point of purchase.

Example of the 'Semrush coupon' equivalent — a 30-day extended trial
Example of the ‘Semrush coupon’ equivalent — links to an extended trial can be used to save money, rather than traditional discount codes.

This longer trial isn’t available or publicized on the Semrush website, however.

Instead, Semrush works with various companies to provide extended trial links which, when clicked, give you the opportunity to use Semrush for 14 days free of charge — double the length of the standard 7 day trial.

(What’s more, because you have seven days to cancel a paid-for plan, you can technically use this trial to get free access to Semrush for 21 days).

Now, because we are a Semrush affiliate partner, we’ve been supplied with one of these special coupon links — you can simply click here to access an extended trial of Semrush.

There are a couple of things to note about this extended Semrush trial, however.

First, in order to start a proper trial, you’ll need to enter credit card details (if you don’t, you’ll get access to a free but very basic version of Semrush that doesn’t let you pull much data).

However, your credit card won’t be charged so long as you cancel your trial before moving onto a paid plan, and if you do end up on a paid plan (either accidentally or on purpose), you have seven days to cancel your plan and get a full refund.

Second, the above link is what’s known as an ‘affiliate link.’ This means that if you use it to claim a trial and then move onto a paid Semrush plan, Style Factory may be paid a commission. This is at no extra cost to you, however.

Accessing the Semrush coupon — a video guide

How to save up to 17% on Semrush

The other way to save significantly on Semrush is by purchasing a subscription on an annual basis, rather than paying for it each month. Paying this way can save you up to 17%, depending on your chosen plan.

Semrush pricing 2023
Semrush pricing with the ‘pay annually’ option enabled

Here’s how much Semrush work outs at per month depending on whether you pay on a monthly or annual basis:

Semrush PlanMonthly cost if paid for on a monthly basisMonthly cost if paid for on an annual basis

The total yearly costs are as follows:

Semrush PlanAnnual fees if paid for on a monthly basisAnnual fees if paid for on a annual basis

So in order to save the most money on Semrush, there’s a two step process involved:

  1. Start the extended trial by clicking here.
  2. Subscribe on an annual basis rather than a monthly one.

Video guide: how to perform keyword research with Semrush

Step-by-step guide to accessing a Semrush coupon and enabling an extended trial

Here’s the exact process involved in getting an extended Semrush trial.

Click on this link to access the Semrush extended trial offer. This will take you to a screen containing some details about it (screenshot below). Then, click the orange ‘Try it free’ button in the middle of the screen.

Accessing the 'Semrush coupon' page
Accessing the ‘Semrush coupon’ page

2. Create your Semrush account

You’ll then be prompted to create a free Semrush account. Simply enter your email address into the field provided and create a password for your new account.

Creating a Semrush account
Creating a Semrush account

3. Confirm your email

You’ll then be required to confirm your email address is valid. This process involves Semrush emailing you a code, which you enter into the ‘enter code’ verification field provided.

Confirming your email address is valid
Confirming your email address

4. Enter your card details

The final step to access your trial is to enter your card details into the form provided. If you don’t do so, you’ll get access to a very limited version of Semrush, not the fully-functional extended trial.

Submitting card details and activating the Semrush coupon
Submitting card details and activating the Semrush coupon

(As discussed above, you can cancel the trial at any stage, and even if you progress to a paid-for plan, you can get a full refund so long as you cancel your subscription within seven days.)

We also have a video guide to this process available — you’ll find this below.

How to get Semrush Pro free — step-by-step video guide

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Semrush coupon code 2023 — FAQs

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a tool that helps you improve your site’s SEO, by giving you a lot of information about both your own site and competing ones. Features include keyword analytics, traffic analytics, link building tools, a content marketing toolkit, a site audit tool and competitor analysis data.

Is there a Semrush promo code available?

Technically speaking, Semrush makes extended trials rather than promo codes available. You access these extended trials by clicking on special ‘affiliate links’ provided to their advertising partners (including Style Factory). You can access an extended trial via our link here.

How long does the Semrush free trial last?

The regular Semrush free trial lasts just 7 days. However, if you start an extended trial via the ‘Semrush coupon’ method, this will give you 14 days free access.

What are the eligibility requirements for claiming an extended free trial?

In order to access an extended free trial from Semrush, you must be a brand new customer, not an existing one. Additionally, you can only use the extended trial if you have not activated one in the past. If you have any queries about eligibility, it’s best to contact Semrush.

What other free resources does Semrush offer?

In addition to its extended free trial, Semrush makes free courses available as part of its ‘Semrush Academy’ offering. These courses cover topics such as basic search engine optimization, content marketing, ecommerce SEO and local SEO.

Is Semrush the best SEO tool?

Based on our tests, it’s certainly one of the best — Semrush’s feature set and price-to-feature ratio is excellent by comparison to most of its competitors and its reporting limits are very generous. However you should note that unlike some other tools, it only provides Google data (other tools, like Ahrefs and Moz, provide some data from other search engines). You can find out more about the pros and cons of Semrush by watching our video review of the platform.

What is Semrush’s refund policy?

If you cancel a paid-for Semrush plan within 7 days of commencing it, you are entitled to a full refund.

Is it worth paying for Semrush?

If you are serious about SEO and keyword research, yes. Although a free Semrush account will give you a sense of how the tool works, along with some limited reporting, it’s not really a substitute for access to the full version.

How do I get a discounted Semrush plan?

To save the most money on Semrush, it’s necessary to do two things: ensure that you avail of its extended free trial, and then purchase a plan on an annual rather than monthly basis (doing the latter will save you up to 17% on your subscription).

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