How to Remove the Background From a Picture in Canva

How to remove the background from a picture in Canva (image of the Canva logo, a headshot and an eraser).

In this post we show you how to remove the background from a picture in Canva — something that can be done in just a few seconds using its ‘Background Remover’ tool.

Note: the Background Remover tool is only available in certain versions of Canva — paid-for ones, Canva for Education or Canva for Nonprofits. (You can learn more about accessing a 45-day free trial of ‘Canva Pro’ here).

1. Open your project

The first thing you’ll need to do is open your Canva project containing the photo you’d like to remove the background from. You can do this easily by searching for it in the ‘What will you design today?’ search box on the Canva home screen, or by using the ‘Projects’ option on the left hand side of the screen.

A Canva project with the image of a man in front of cork board.
Opening a Canva project

2. Access the ‘Edit photo’ options

Once you’ve opened your project, click on the image in your project whose background you want to remove, and then click the ‘Edit photo’ link that appears at the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Accessing the 'Edit photo' options on the Canva interface.
Accessing the ‘Edit photo’ options

Once you do this, you’ll see the edit options appear on the left hand side of the Canva dashboard.

Photo editing options in Canva including the background remover, magic eraser and magic edit tools.
The ‘Edit photo’ options in Canva

3. Select the ‘Background Remover’ tool

Once you’ve accessed the edit photo options, it’s just a simple case of clicking on the ‘Background Remover’ tool to remove the background of your image.

Clicking on the 'Background Remover' tool
Clicking on the ‘Background Remover’ tool

This will then remove the background from your image, leaving the subject of the picture isolated.

A photo in Canva with its background completely removed.
Your picture with its background removed

And that’s it! you’ve just removed the background from your picture in Canva.

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