Shopify POS Go Is Now Available in UK and Ireland

The Shopify POS Go device

Shopify has announced that its all-in-one point-of-sale device, ‘Shopify POS Go,’ is now available in the UK and Ireland.

Previously restricted to US users only, POS Go is an all-in-one, hand-held point-of-sale device that features an integrated barcode scanner, card reader and Shopify POS software. The device can be used to accept payments for goods in physical locations, while letting merchants stay on top of inventory levels and locations easily.

Launching the device in the UK and Irish markets, Deann Evans, Managing Director, EMEA at Shopify, said: “Commerce is happening all around us – online, offline, and everywhere in between — so it’s vital to continue powering growth in all areas. The most innovative brands in the world, like Gymshark, Huel and Ooni, build their businesses on Shopify.”

“We’re choosing to launch PoS Go in the UK to help all our merchants, big or small, meet consumers wherever they are and however they want to shop – from counter to kerb.” 

The device can be purchased from the Shopify POS Hardware store and currently retails at £299 in the UK (or £319 with a case). The equivalent Irish prices are €349 and €369 respectively.

Shopify is a market leader in ecommerce, with around 4.5 million online stores being powered by the platform; the rollout of POS Go into non-US markets indicates that there is a lot of ambition within the company to go beyond ecommerce and establish itself as a leading bricks and mortar payment solution too.

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