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Squarespace related posts and products plugin

Show relevant, additional content on your Squarespace posts and products

Plugin by SQSP Themes | From $50

This plugin automatically adds a ‘related posts’ or ‘related products’ summary block if it finds related posts/products based on the categories and tags of the current post or product.

All the options of the summary block are available for customization; and importantly, the current post will be hidden — something which is not currently achievable with the standard Squarespace summary block.

Key features

  • Autoplay for the carousel design

  • Ability to show related posts and products in a random order

  • Ability to set the number of related posts to display

  • Ability to filter only by categories or tags

  • Ability to hide the current post

This plugin is easy to set up, and full instructions are provided, but if you’re not comfortable uploading files to your site or copy and pasting code, don’t worry — the coders of the plugin can provide personal support. You can find out more about this plugin and view a demo here.

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