Review methodology

We know that choosing software can be a difficult and expensive process, and that being able to rely on accurate reviews is vital to informed decision making. Accordingly, the overarching aim of Style Factory is to provide trustworthy, well-researched information to our readers.

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our content, we adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Below you’ll find the process that we typically apply to producting review content.

1. We analyse the market

First, we look at the context in which a product is being created and used. This helps us to:

  • get an understanding of where the software we’re reviewing sits in its marketplace
  • provide context on price
  • advise on its likely longevity

This process involves a significant amount of data collection, where we gather key information about the product being reviewed — for example subscription fees, userbase size, revenue, founding date, history etc.

2. We define review criteria

We then define a set of criteria against which a product should be judged. This varies by app type, but typically we’ll compile a list of tests that cover things like:

  • ease of use
  • key features
  • aesthetics
  • pricing
  • value for money
  • customer support

3. We test the product

Once we’ve defined our review criteria, we exhaustively test the product against it. This involves a lot of hands-on work and first-hand experience of software — for example, if we’re testing a store building tool, we’ll set up an actual store with it; when testing email marketing solutions we’ll create real newsletters.

We always aim to place any product we review in context, and we do this by comparing its features to those of key competing tools.

5. We write up our results

Once we’ve finished researching and testing a product, our professional team of reviewers writes up the findings. Unlike other review sites, we don’t use generative AI in our review content.

Our aim here will be to produce a review that is:

  • easy to navigate
  • jargon free
  • non-salesy
  • accompanied by screenshots and videos of actual use.

And we will always disclose when any affiliate advertising is being used.

6. We edit the review

Once a review is ready, it will undergo a full edit to ensure that it fully adheres to the Style Factory editorial policy.

This will involve factchecking, grammar and spell checking, accessibility checks and rewording where necessary by a professional editor — all with a view to making the review as accurate and as easy-to-understand as possible.

7. We return to the review and update it

Once a product review is published, we don’t just leave it at that. We regularly return to it, making sure that it is up to date and taking account of any feature or pricing changes that may have been introduced.

Most of the reviews on our site are updated on a monthly or quarterly basis — meaning that you can have confidence in their accuracy.

8. We take user feedback on board

To further ensure impartiality and provide a rounded appraisal of a product, we invite our readers to submit their own thoughts on products. This can be either in the comments section of a post, or via our contact form. We are also increasingly soliciting real-life users of products for their opinions and including these in reviews.

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