An appeal from Style Factory to support Unicef and the children of Ukraine

Style Factory Ukraine appeal
Photo from Unicef

Dear all,

Like most people around the world, I’ve been horrified by the invasion of Ukraine and all the suffering it has caused to its citizens.

I’m particularly concerned by the impact of all this on the 7.5 million children in Ukraine, so many of whom are facing danger; seeing parents killed; or watching their families being torn apart.

Accordingly, Style Factory is donating a sizeable share of this month’s profits to Unicef to support their efforts to help those children — and we are using our communication channels to encourage others to support their work too.

In short, we’d love it if our readers, partners, suppliers and clients could donate to Unicef today.

Unicef is doing the following to support children in Ukraine:

  • Helping to provide families with access to clean water and healthy food.
  • Delivering lifesaving supplies to support families who have been forced to flee.
  • Helping to make sure that child protection services continue.
  • Working with partners and the UNHCR to assess the refugee situation across neighbouring countries.
  • Delivering Blue Dot safe spaces with partners, which will provide care and support, information to families seeking refuge, psychosocial support, water and sanitation supplies, safe spaces for mothers and children, protection for unaccompanied and separated children and more.

You can donate to Unicef here. And if you have time, please share the Unicef appeal page on social media, websites and blogs.

Thank you so much for your support,

Chris Singleton,

Style Factory Communications