Google August 2023 Core Update Has Finished Rolling Out

The Google logo - graphic accompanying a news article about the August Google Core Update having finished rolling out.

Google has announced that the August 2023 Core Update — the second core update of 2023 – has finished rolling out. Details of its completion were posted on the Google Search Status Dashboard on 7 September, 2023 — 16 days and 3 hours after it started on August 22.

This made it a bit longer in duration than the March 2023 Core Update, which took 13 days and 7 hours to roll out.

A list of recent core update announcements from Google
A list of recent core update announcements from Google

Core updates take place a few times a year, and are rolled out to specifically reward content that Google perceives as being ‘relevant’ (i.e., answering a query correctly) and ‘authoritative’ (i.e., from a trustworthy source). Sites can be affected by these updates in very significant ways, either losing or gaining large numbers of visitors in their wake.

Due to wild but temporary swings in traffic that sites can experience during a core update, it’s advisable not to do anything radical to your site during them — it’s usually better to wait until an update has completely finished rolling out before drawing conclusions about how your site has been affected, and what to do about it.

Now that the August core update rollout is officially complete however, you may be wondering what steps you can take to regain any lost traffic (unless, of course, you’re one of the core update ‘winners’!). To that end, we’d encourage you to review the Style Factory guide to recovering from a core update: this contains contains a list of steps you can take (based on official Google pronouncements) that can help you build your traffic levels back up again.

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