Wix Launches ‘Wix Studio’ Platform for Agencies and Freelancers

Wix Studio logo.

Wix, one of the world’s most popular website building and ecommerce platforms, has announced the release of Wix Studio, an end-to-end web development platform for agencies and freelancers.

The new Wix Studio platform — which the company describes as being “inspired by the Wix Editor” and “layered with the deep design control and advanced capabilities of Editor X” — will allow users to create fully responsive websites thanks to a ‘Responsive AI’ tool that automatically converts web layouts to display optimally across multiple screen sizes.

Wix Studio’s capabilities with regard to responsive design mark a significant development for Wix, as the platform had previously relied on another method — known as ‘adaptive design’ — for resizing sites on different sized screens (desktop, tablet, phone, etc.).

(Sites using adaptive design are treated less favorably than responsive ones in search results by Google.)

Wix Studio responsive design.
Wix Studio responsive design

In addition to the new fully responsive approach to website design, Wix Studio includes a host of new design features and business tools for agencies and freelancers using Wix to build websites for clients.

Some of the other key features of the new Wix Studio platform are:

  • A centralized ‘Workspace’ dashboard feature that allows agencies to manage multiple projects, teams and clients across multiple sites.
  • The ability to create client resource kits for handing over new site builds to clients.
  • An animation tool that lets you build complex code-free animations on your web pages.
  • The ability to add styles and animations to your site using custom CSS.
  • A new tool — called ‘Wix Blocks‘ — which lets you convert your own custom widgets from your websites into apps that can be sold on the Wix App Market.
  • The ability to extend Wix’s native ecommerce features with custom product pages, multiple shipping rates and SPIs.
  • Wix IDE — a new VS code based developer environment that works with hundreds of APIs and integrations.
  • A suite of built-in AI tools including an AI code assistant, an AI Image generator, an AI text generator and an AI video creator.

Announcing the new Wix Studio platform, Avishai Abrahami, Co-Founder and CEO of Wix, said, “With AI, new workflows for managing projects, CSS editing, code, and so much more, combined with Wix’s powerful infrastructure, professionals can smash deadlines and deliver brilliance. I’m so proud of the groundbreaking design and development features that are integrated into this new platform, further evolving Wix to become the go-to platform for professionals.”

Wix studio home page.
The Wix Studio platform home page

According to Wix, agencies and freelancers already using Wix or Editor X will receive an email to be notified when they have access to the new Wix Studio platform. Additionally, when a user switches to Wix Studio, all of their previous Wix sites will be automatically transferred over to their new Wix Studio workspace.

It remains to be seen when the features in the new Wix Studio platform will be made more widely available to Wix users more generally.

But it will certainly be interesting to see how key Wix competitors such as Squarespace and Webflow evolve their web building platforms in response to Wix Studio’s impressive feature set.

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