Wix Announces New AI Site Generator

The Wix logo and an AI graphic

Wix, one of the web’s leading site building and ecommerce platforms, has announced plans to introduce an AI Site Generator, along with a suite of other AI-based tools. These new features aim to simplify the process of building, designing and managing Wix websites.

According to the announcement, several new features are in the pipeline:

  • The main AI Site Generator, which will allow users to articulate their requirements and receive an instantly generated website (one that is populated with content).
  • An AI Assistant Tool for Business Management, which will use data analytics and site trends to suggest improvements to the way routine business tasks are performed.
  • An AI Page and Section Creator, which will enable users to quickly add pages or sections to their websites by describing their needs (with AI generating the layout, design and text).
  • An Object Eraser, a tool that makes it possible for users to smoothly extract subjects from images and modify them as needed.

Launching the features, Avishai Abrahami, Co-Founder and CEO of Wix, said, “We are fully committed to bringing our users fully-integrated innovations, such as the AI Site Generator, that have excellent user experiences to ultimately drive forward the next generation of website creation…We’re on the edge of something truly amazing, and we will keep advancing our offerings as AI technology progresses to enable users to grow their businesses and have success with more efficiency and creativity than ever before.”

These developments reflect a growing desire to incorporate AI into website builders (and SaaS products in general), with Shopify also announcing some new AI-based tools recently in the form of its forthcoming ‘Sidekick’ feature.

The Wix website design platform
The Wix website design platform

Given the buzz around ChatGPT, the rush to announce new AI features into SaaS tools is understandable — but in some cases the announcements are coming a long time before the features actually go live. As with the Shopify announcement, there is no release date provided for these new Wix AI features.

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