Shopify to Let Merchants Use Amazon’s ‘Buy with Prime’ Feature

The 'Buy with Prime for Shopify' app page on the Amazon website.

Shopify and Amazon have surprised the ecommerce world by announcing a new partnership that will allow Shopify merchants to add ‘Buy with Prime’ to their checkouts.

This new joint initiative means that Shopify merchants who use Amazon’s FBA fulfillment network will be able to natively add a ‘Buy with Prime’ option to the checkout of their Shopify stores, with all payments being handled by Shopify’s built-in payment gateway, ‘Shopify Payments.’

The integration will work via an official ‘Buy with Prime’ app, which is currently being developed by Amazon and available soon in the Shopify App Store. The app is initially being rolled out to merchants on an invite-only basis, but it is expected to be available to all US-based Shopify merchants by the end of September 2023.

Speaking of the new partnership, Harley Finkelstein, Shopify President said: “…we’re giving merchants access to Prime members, while also ensuring they keep 100% control of their brand and their customer data — all within the Shopify admin.”

Initially launched in April 2022, Amazon’s ‘Buy with Prime’ service — which now has 200+ million members and provides fast, free shipping along with easy returns — was seen as an attempt by Amazon to capture market share from Shopify.

In fact, prior to this new Shopify-Amazon partnership announcement, Shopify had warned its merchants that attempting to integrate ‘Buy with Prime’ with Shopify stores would be in violation of Shopify’s terms of service.

But this new deal, which marks an unexpected truce between the two ecommerce powerhouses, has been well very well-received by the stock markets — Shopify and Amazon stock jumped by 10% and 2% respectively upon news of the announcement.

Shopify merchants interested in signing-up for the new Shopify-Amazon integration can visit the ‘Buy with Prime app for Shopify’ page on the Amazon website for more details.

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