Improved version of the Dublin rail map now live

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New version of the Dublin rail map

Since we made the Style Factory-designed rail map available on the Dublin Public Transport website, we’ve received some fantastic feedback on it, from both the media and map users.

We’ve been able to use some of this feedback to significantly improve the map, and a revised version of the Dublin rail map is now available, which features the following improvements:

  • We’ve made it clearer that Connolly and Busaras make up an interchange.

  • A walking connection indicator between Tara Street railway station and Trinity tram stop has now been added, highlighting the fact that there is effectively an interchange between these two stops

  • There’s better line separation for the DART and Commuter train routes, which makes it clearer which stations the Commuter services don’t stop at.

  • We’ve added icons to Westmoreland and Connolly to highlight that you can get a bus connection to Dublin Port from these locations.

We’ve also added some new sections to the Dublin public transport site:

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