New service launched: Squarespace Setup

Squarespace Setup - a new service from Style Factory

Many small businesses, photographers and musicians turn to Squarespace as a platform to build their website with. It's easy to see why: its templates are gorgeous, its monthly costs are low, its content management system is easy to use and 24/7 support is provided. 

However, not every Squarespace site turns out the way it should. This is because many Squarespace users don't quite have the web designing skills to make their Squarespace sites look as good - and function as well - as they could. The result is a lot of below-par websites.

We're pleased to launch a new service, Squarespace Setup, which aims to help new Squarespace users get the absolute best of the platform. You pick a Squarespace template, and we do the rest - it's that simple. 

You can find out more about our Squarespace Setup packages here, and if you have any queries about the service, don't hesitate to get in touch.